Survey shows Strong Support for Battery Energy Storage

What is battery energy storage and why is it important?

As battery storage systems become commonplace we may start seeing more questions like this.

In a first of its kind piece of research, ESI worked with Interactions Research to carry out a nationwide survey on public awareness and attitudes towards battery energy storage using a representative sample of Irish adults.

First off, with very little upfront information people were asked how familiar they are with battery storage systems. It is not surprising that there is still some way to go in terms of public familiarity with battery storage with only 1 in 3 being familiar with the technology. However, the survey then presented some information on storage and its main use cases and there is a clear understanding of the benefits that storage can bring with over 2/3 of Irish adults selecting lower electricity prices as a key benefit, closely followed by security of supply.

Given the recent price shocks in the energy market it is no surprise that energy prices and price stability came out as clear issues for consumers. Battery storage can play a key role here in displacing more expensive fossil fuel generators during times of peak demand and smoothing out price volatility in the market.

Then when making the link between renewable energy and storage, four in five (80%) say they favour the idea that Ireland should be embracing more renewable energy and two in three (67%) favour the government investing in and enabling battery energy storage.

So while we need to do some work in terms of building awareness of battery energy storage, it is encouraging to see there is a good understanding of the benefits it can bring and significant support for investment both in renewable energy and storage.