What we do

  • Energy Storage Ireland is a representative association of public and private sector organisations who are interested and active in the development of energy storage in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • We work together to promote the benefits of energy storage and we engage with policy makers to support and facilitate the development of energy storage, which is pivotal to decarbonising Ireland’s energy system.
  • ESI represents all storage technologies relevant to the decarbonisation of the electricity sector which convert electricity to storage and back to electricity again.

Our Role

  1. Leading on action to address climate change and enabling Ireland’s energy transition through the delivery of energy storage
  2. Pro-actively engaging with stakeholders on the development of policy & regulations relevant to energy storage
  3. Researching and designing new policy frameworks to incentivise the development of energy storage
  4. Building public awareness of energy storage and its benefits
  5. Speaking as one voice for the storage industry on the island of Ireland
  6. Growing the energy storage industry in Ireland and Northern Ireland and building our members’ capabilities through research, training and events

Our Vision

Delivering the energy storage technologies to enable a secure, carbon free electricity system on the island of Ireland by 2035.

Our Mission Statement

We engage with stakeholders on behalf of our members to ensure that policy and market design supports the efficient development of energy storage for the benefit of consumers in Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Our Values

  1. Leadership – We take the lead by demonstrating expertise, vision and innovation
  2. Sustainability – We commit to sustainability by promoting carbon neutrality and the transition to renewable energy
  3. Integrity – We act with integrity and transparency with our stakeholders
  4. Safety – We make the safety of employees, customers, and stakeholders the top priority in all business operations
  5. Positivity – Our approach is positive, constructive and collaborative
  6. Ethical Compliance – We adhere to laws, regulations, and industry standards, and conduct business according to ethical principles

Energy Storage Ireland Structure

We engage with policy makers such as:

  • The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU)
  • The Utility Regulator
  • EirGrid & SONI
  • ESB Networks
  • NIE Networks
  • The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC)
  • The Department for the Economy (DfE)

Our current working groups are focused on policy areas such as market design, safety and engagement, grid integration, hybrid projects and long-duration energy storage.

Other Work

We carry out research and produce reports on the storage industry and energy storage in general to influence policy at a national level. You can see the reports we have published so far in our publications section.

We organise industry events, forums and workshops providing an opportunity for learning, skills development and networking and we communicate and explain the benefits of energy storage to policy makers, media and the general public.