Charged Horizons – Exploring the Energy Storage Landscape and Workforce Potential in Ireland

December 2023

This report explores the investment and employment potential for the energy storage sector in Ireland. It identifies key supply-side skills development needs such as research, training and development and quantifies the volumes of energy storage that will be needed by 2035 and 2050 in Ireland.

Behind-the-Meter Storage – An Energy Solution for Ireland

July 2023

This White Paper sets the scene for behind-the-meter storage in Ireland, explains the technologies involved and the various benefits it can offer. Although behind-the-meter has not yet experienced major uptake across Ireland, its potential is vast and can offer significant benefits to consumers and Ireland as a whole. The document finishes by discussing behind-the-meter’s interaction with current national policy, and how certain barriers should be addressed to further incentivize investment in such technologies.

Protecting Consumers – Unlocking the cost saving potential of Irish batteries this winter

November 2022

This report by Baringa Partners shows that allowing operational battery storage assets to operate in the all-island market at times of peak demand this winter would save up to €35 million in wholesale energy costs for consumers.

ESI Position Paper – A Procurement Framework for Long-Duration Energy Storage

June 2022

This position paper sets out ESI’s views on the need for Long-Duration Energy Storage in Ireland and how a new procurement framework that provides a form of long-term revenue certainty is needed to support its deployment.

Energy Storage: Powering our Clean Energy Future

May 2022

This brochure highlights the benefits that energy storage can bring to Ireland in terms of security of supply, electricity price reductions and renewable energy integration.

Game Changer – How Energy Storage is the key to a Secure, Sustainable, Clean Energy Future in Ireland

May 2022

Baringa Partners show that energy storage is a game changer for Ireland and Northern Ireland’s renewable energy ambitions in terms of its ability to manage renewable oversupply, reduce CO2 emissions, provide low carbon capacity and reduce costs to consumers. The report analyses different portfolios of energy storage and how they impact the all-island energy system in 2030.

ESI and IWEA 70by30 ‘Saving Power’ Report

August 2020

This report, published jointly by Energy Storage Ireland and the Irish Wind Energy Association, shows how a strong electricity grid and new low-carbon technologies are essential to achieving the 70 per cent renewable electricity target by 2030.

Information Paper on the Safety of Grid-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems

August 2020

This paper provides information on the characteristics of Grid-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems and how safety is incorporated into their design, manufacture and operation. It is intended for use by policymakers, local communities, planning authorities, first responders and battery storage project developers.

Our Energy Storage Future

December 2019

This all-island storage roadmap provides an overview of the role energy storage can have in the safe and reliable operation of a grid with high levels of renewable energy integration and the benefits that energy storage can deliver in terms of consumer savings, reduced carbon emissions and reduced curtailment of renewable energy. 

Store, Respond and Save – Cutting two million tonnes of CO2

December 2019

This report, produced for Energy Storage Ireland by energy market experts Baringa, shows how new zero-carbon technologies can ensure the all-island power grid remains strong and secure while cutting CO2 emissions, driving down costs and reducing curtailment.