ESI Conference 2024 Recap

It was great to see such a large turnout at the ESI Conference 2024 in Croke Park, Dublin with nearly 300 attendees on the day. The potential in energy storage is vast and more than a few times storage was compared to that key piece of the puzzle that can bridge the gap between variable renewable energy and a 100% carbon free electricity system.

A big thanks to all the speakers and panel chairs who delivered really interesting discussions on areas such as the battery storage supply chain, policy developments for net-zero electricity, the short-term market outlook across system services and energy arbitrage and long-duration storage technology readiness.

We were delighted to share the results of a first of its kind nationwide survey on public attitudes towards battery energy storage carried out by Interactions Research shows that while there is still some way to go in terms of public familiarity with battery storage, when presented with its main use cases, there is a clear understanding of the benefits that storage can bring with over 2/3 of Irish adults selecting lower electricity prices as a key benefit, closely followed by security of supply. Four in five (80%) say they favour the idea that Ireland should be embracing more renewable energy and two in three (67%) favour the government investing in and enabling battery energy storage.

As Mary Lou McDonald TD called out in her inspiring keynote address -“Tomorrow is shaped by the choices we make and the actions we take today” – and making investment in energy storage a national priority should be a key focus of Government.

Indeed this is a big year for the storage industry with the upcoming publication of the electricity storage policy framework by DECC in Ireland and the early stages of an energy storage policy by DfE in Northern Ireland. It’s clear that the storage industry is ready to deliver. Now we need the right policy in place to provide the necessary certainty and clarity to investors to get projects built.

Here are some photos from the event:



Finally, a massive thanks to all the conference sponsors whose support made this event possible.