Store, Respond and Save – Cutting two million tonnes of CO2

A new report by energy market experts Baringa, produced for Energy Storage Ireland, shows how new zero-carbon technologies can ensure the all-island power grid remains strong and secure while cutting CO2 emissions, driving down system costs and reducing curtailment.

Currently the majority of System Services that are needed to maintain a secure and reliable power system with high wind levels are provided by fossil fuel generators that have to be either turned on or dispatched up or down to be able to provide these services. This means more carbon emissions and system costs as these generators have to be compensated for their costs in providing the services. Baringa have carried out analysis on the benefits of moving to a zero-carbon System Services model where all service needs are provided by zero-carbon technologies such as energy storage and demand side response. This analysis looks at a glide path out to 2030 and a 70% RES-E system and the results below show the significant benefits that technologies such as energy storage can provide.

It is important that the right policy frameworks are put in place to enable the development of new zero-carbon technologies in the years to come and Energy Storage Ireland is continuing to work with policymakers in this area.

You can view the full report on our website here.