ESI publishes ‘Our Energy Storage Future – Recommendations for an All-Island Storage Roadmap’

This all-island storage roadmap provides an overview of the role energy storage can have in the safe and reliable operation of a grid with high levels of renewable energy integration and the benefits that energy storage can deliver in terms of consumer savings, reduced carbon emissions and reduced curtailment of renewable energy.

A robust policy, regulatory and commercial framework is needed to allow the deployment of energy storage in Ireland at the scale required to achieve current renewable policy objectives and our long-term decarbonisation ambitions. However, the current policy framework is unsuitable to deliver the volumes and types of energy storage we will require.

This roadmap outlines the significant barriers and challenges faced by the storage industry and proposes recommendations and possible solutions for policy makers to help alleviate these obstacles, in the short term (2020 to 2023), medium term (2023 to 2025) and long-term (2025 to 2030 and
beyond). Under each category, a review of existing policy is carried out, along with policy recommendations, in addition to the key stakeholders involved and relevant timelines for each.

You can view the full report here.